Iran International General Contractor Company

About Us

Since IGC foundation in 1991, has been engaged in engineering, procurement, project management and construction services for oil refineries, petrochemical plants, oil storage tanks, pipelines, and general engineering markets and all other industrial projects related to oil, gas and petrochemical industries, in strict accordance to international standards, and intends to utilize internal resources & potentials and prepare the ground for maximizing Iranian content of projects.

On the basis of our accumulated experience both at home and abroad, in the fields of Engineering, Procurement and Construction services, we are ready to serve our clients for their maximum benefit by satisfying all the project requirements according to schedule and within the set budget.

IGC’s well trained and highly experienced managerial staff, engineering supervisors and administrative staff, together with highly skilled technicians, ensures all of our clients the best in economical and construction services on or ahead of schedule. We are proud to carry out our services and friendship to every corner of the earth and looking forward to cooperate with you.

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